Victoria Justice fejléc

Victoria Justice: Make It Shine


Here I am
Once again
Feeling lost
But now and then
I breath it in
To let it go

And you don't know where you are now
Or what it would come to
If only somebody could hear

When you figure out how
You're lost in the moment
You disappear

You don't have to be afraid
To put your dream in action
You'll never gonna fade
You'll be the main attraction
Not a fantasy
Just remember me
When it turns out right
Cause you know that if your live
In your imagination
Tomorrow you'll be
Everybody's fascination
In my victory
Just remember me
When I make it shine

Reaching high
Feeling low
I'm holding on but letting go
I like to shine
I'll shine for you

And it's time to show the world how
It's a little bit closer

As long as I'm ready to go
All we have is right now
As long as you feel it inside you know

Everyone can tell you how
It's all been said and done
That harder times will change your mind
And make you wanna run
But you want it
And you need it
Like you need to breath the air
If they doubt you
Just believe it
That's enough to get you there

(Album: Victorious)

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